Dangerous Buildings

City Code of Ordinances Chapter 10, Article IX, Dangerous Buildings and Structures. The purpose of the ordinance is to secure the public peace, health, safety and welfare of the residents and property owners by regulating buildings and structures injurious to life or health. 

The Building Inspector begins the process by deeming a structure as a Dangerous Building. 

The Building Services Department notifies the property owner via certified mail that it has been deemed as such and will be scheduled for demolition and billed to their taxes unless:

  • (A) The owner notifies the Department they want to appeal the decision at a hearing. 
  • (B) The owner notifies the Department they will schedule a demolition themselves. 

A Hearing can be scheduled where the Hearing Officer will determine if the structures should be demolished or what actions the owner shall take with a time schedule. 

The Hearing Officer is a Building Inspector from a neighboring city or township. 

If the owner wishes to appeal the decision of the Hearing Officer, they may do so by bringing the case to the Construction Board of Appeals (CBA) by turning in a CBA Appeal Application.  

The CBA consists of five (5) professionals with training in engineering, architecture, construction, building inspection, etc.

Please refer to the Ordinance for additional information.