Downtown Development Authority

Created by Ordinance #632 – August 21, 1980 

4 Year Term-Meets 1st Wednesday each month at noon at City Hall 

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) consists of nine members: the chief executive officer of the municipality (mayor); a majority of members with an interest in property located in the DDA District; and not less than one member is a resident of the district. The members are appointed by the mayor with City Council giving consent.

The nine-member board of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is charged with providing physical improvements within the district. The improvements are financed by tax increment financing “tax capture” within the district. DDA projects of high priority include general street repair and infrastructure improvements, public restroom improvements, parking expansion, bike trails, and streetscape improvements.

Mission Statement:
The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is to be a leader in helping to fulfill the City of South Haven Municipal Plan; through planning, funding, and development of projects within the DDA District which promote, encourage and contribute to the overall economic growth and development of the community.

Recent capital improvement projects:
Phoenix Street reconstruction and streetscape
Parking expansions including Black River Park parking lot and Huron Street parking lot
Kalamazoo/Huron restrooms, parking lot, and rain garden
Kal-Haven Trail and Dunkley improvements
Street reconstruction projects including Williams St, Quaker St, Dunkley, Hogan's Alley, and Baseline Rd
Ice rink purchase