Housing Commission

5 Year Term-Meets 4th Wednesday each month at 5:15 pm at the Warren Center. 

The Housing Commission consists of five members, one director and a Council Representative. The members are appointed by City Council and serve a five-year term. 

Purpose as Defined In Enabling Statute/Ordinance/Resolution 

The Housing Commission was formed to manage HUD housing. Currently, 42 homes and two apartment complexes (Harbor View and River Terrace) are managed through the Housing Commission. Seniors and disabled citizens reside in the apartments and families reside in the homes.

Who We Are: The South Haven Housing Commission (SHHC) is a federally, HUD subsidized Public Housing Agency (PHA). The SHHC is a PHA in the state of Michingan with local HUD guidance priovided through the HUD Detroit Field Office.

What We Do: The SHHC serves a diverse population of people who are income eligible for federal subsided senior apartments and family houses. We promote adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunities and a suitable living environment free from discrimination.

How It Works: The SHHC has two HUD rent subsidized housing programs. The first program is the Senior Housing Program consisting of two four-story senior apartment buildings totaling 78 one-bedroom apartments and 2 two-bedroom apartments. The second program is the Family Housing Program with 42 single-family scattered site homes for families in size from three to six members. Rent is based on a maximum income for a single person or family. Examples of current maximum program eligibility income for family size cannot exceed: $34,900/1-person; $39,900/2-person; $44,900/3-person; $49,850/4-person; $53,850/5-person; and $57,850 for a 6-person household. If you are at or under these total family income amounts for family size and you are looking for housing in the South Haven community, you may apply to be placed on the SHHC waiting list.

How We Can Help You: The SHHC maintains a 99+% occupancy rate. It is important to apply and pre-qualify to be placed on one of our waiting lists. Please call with inquiries for eligibility and start your application process today by requesting a pre-application.

The senior buildings provide an independent living environment, are smoke-free and senior lunch meals are available on site Monday through Friday. There are many senior tenant services and activities at no additional cost.

The SHHC has a homeownership program for eligible residents of the Family Housing Program. Homeownership provides a family the opportunity for homeowner education, financial responsibility and self sufficiency.

Where do you want to be one, five or ten years from now? Plan ahead. Stop in or call for a pre-application today! Contact the South Haven Housing Commission, 220 Broadway, South Haven, MI 49090, 269-637-5755.