Beach Parking Sticker Information

****PLEASE NOTE: The City of South Haven has implemented a revised Beach Parking Sticker Distribution Policy beginning with the 2012 beach parking season. Further information below.

Beach Parking Fees will be in effect beginning May 15 through
September 15 from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. each day.

You may purchase a beach parking sticker at the Customer Service Counter at City Hall, the Police Department, or from Beach Parking Attendants.

The beach parking fees are as follows:
Daily Parking Fees-- $ 10.00 per trip.

Hourly Metered Parking-- $1.00 per hour
Weekly Parking Pass-- $30.00 per week.

Three-year Parking Sticker-- $80.00 first year; $70.00 second year; $60.00 third year.

Stickered overnight parking is available in:

  Triangle and Chicago Ave. parking lots
  Posted streets in the Monroe subdivision.
  Packard Park will be posted "No Trailers Allowed".

Vehicles in "No Parking" areas will be towed at owner’s expense.

Stickers must be permanently affixed to the vehicle assigned and in the place per instructions on the sticker.

Stickered parking shall be allowed in a metered parking space.

Failure to pay parking fee results in a ticket issued with fines set at $20.00 if paid within seven (7) days; then at $30.00 if paid after seven (7) days; after 60 days, unpaid tickets become $60.00 

Free Beach Parking Sticker Program

City of South Haven property owners and residents are eligible to receive a maximum of two free beach parking stickers follows:

In the first year of the parking sticker period, stickers will be mailed to all residential improved property owners, which includes boat slips. All mailings will use the address where property tax bills are mailed.

Vacant, commercial, and industrial property owners who do not own any other type of property, and non-property owning residents are eligible for parking stickers which may be requested at Customer Service at City Hall.

An appeal process has been created to address any issues that may arise from the new parking sticker distribution policy. A simple application will be available at City Hall or through the Department Links on this page. City staff will make every effort to prepare a response as soon as possible but not more than 10 days. Examples of an appeal may be replacement due to new or damaged vehicles; new owners or residents to the City; or unreceived mail.